What is a SurfBar?

A surf bar is another advertising tool. The advertisers show their banners by the meaning of these small tools called surf bars to people all over the world throughout the Internet. Those people that accept to have a surf bar running on their PC are paid a certain amount of money. The advertiser pays for the surf bar company, the surf bar company makes sure that the advertiser’s banner is displayed on his surf bar, and shares the money that has been received from the advertiser with those users that watched the advertisement. Therefore being registered and using one or more surf bars is a good way to make money on the Internet.
The surf bars are of different sizes, but most of them have the size of a banner, which means 468 x 60 pixels. They can be moved around, so you can place it wherever you want on your screen. The surf bars cannot be hidden, they are always visible. That’s obvious, the advertiser paid money for his banner to be visible.
If you are registered to more than one surf bar, you can pile them in the same place, one bar over the other. Thus you’ll make more money than with a single bar, and the bars won’t take up extra space.
You don’t have to click on any banner or advertisement on the bar, though is any of them arouses your interest feel free to click it. So, you don’t have to keep your eyes on the surf bars, just let them run in a corner of your screen, Although, every now and then a so called Surfer Bonus appears on the bar. If you notice it, click it. It brings some nice bonuses.
A presence checker might appear in every 1-2 hours. A code must be submitted and the bar gets back to work.
On average 1 point is gained for 1 minute of surf bar activity. The accumulated points are converted into money on the last day of every month. If you reached the payout minimum, you can request a cash-out.
The more the bar is running the more points accumulates. But don’t forget: the more referrals you have in your down-line, the more money you make.
As the most bars are French you might find useful this online translator.

Take a look at the SurfBars I’m using to make money.

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