What is a PTC site?

PTC is an abbreviation of Paid To Click, which means that these types of sites pay the users for viewing advertisements in other words Pay for Clicking on ads.
The PTC sites are intermediary sites that make possible for the advertisers to meet the consumers. In other words PTC sites are advertising systems that connect advertisers with the consumers. The advertiser wants to expose his advertisement on pages that have very high traffic. Therefore the advertiser pays a certain amount of money for the PTC site which in exchange displays the advertisement on his site for a certain amount of click. That means that the registered users of the PTC site click the displayed advertisement, and they are paid for the simple fact of watching the ad, and of course if someone gets interested in the advertised item he/she can go for it. Thus everyone gets his/her share: the advertiser gets visitors, the users of the PTC site get paid, and the PTC site draws its fees for being an inter-mediator.

The PTC sites provide a good opportunity for everyone who has a PC and an Internet connection to make money on-line. It might be a small side income or it might be a good residual income, depending on how much effort you are willing to put into it.
And here we got to the point where some further explanation is needed. Clicking the ads although is a good start in making on-line money, doesn’t pay too much money. But every PTC site gives the possibility for every user of having referrals. With referrals you can earn much more money. There are two types of referrals: the Direct Referrals are the people who you refer yourself. By inviting people to join your favorite PTC site with your referrer link, they will join your down-line and you will have them there forever. The other type of referrals are the Rented Referrals, those can be rented from the PTC site itself, they have a monthly fee and you get them in your down-line for 30 days. Then you have to manage them which means renewing, recycling or let them expiry. Don’t be afraid, it’s a very simple task. Both types of referrals will help you make more money in less time, the obvious advantage of direct Referrals that they are yours for no fee. So, try to gather as many Direct Referrals as you can.

Clicking the ads.
Every PTC site have a common rule: only one ad can be clicked at a time. The available ads on one PTC site can be clicked in 3-5 minutes. To qualify as having viewed the advertisement you have to click the advertisement link and let the page open for a certain amount of time, 30 seconds on average. There’s a countdown timer and when the time is up the page can be closed and click the next link. The page containing the advertisement is not needed to be kept in the forefront. It can be minimized or simply let it run in a different tab of your browser. You don’t have to keep your eyes on the ad.
If you are registered on more PTC sites, you can open let’s say 5 of them at once on separate tabs of your browser, and click one ad link on each of them, thus you’ll have 5 paid ad running at once, each ad belonging to different PTC sites. This way you can spare a lot of time as the ads are “viewed” simultaneously, and this is not against any rule.

And one more rule that is applied to every PTC site: You have to click the ads in order to earn from your your referrals. In other words, if you don’t click the ads, the money made by your referrals are not added to your account. Be active everyday and your referrals make you money.

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