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Everybody who is involved in making money on-line needs traffic. It is more likely you need it, too. If you have a website or a blog or just simply you want to promote your favorite site, you definitely need visitors.
There are two options: either you pay money to advertise your site or with a little effort you get visitors for free.
Both options are ready at hand by using the sites presented below. It’s your decision which way you go.
Buying credits for money is quite affordable, the more money you invest the more visitors you get. Getting credits for free is even better, all you have to do is to surf and visit other members’ sites. The principle is simple at every traffic exchanger site: view others’ sites and your site will be viewed by others. The more you surf the more credits you get. On the other hand you get credits for the activity of your referrals. By having some active referrals you can get many visitors for free.
As you surf on these sites every now and then you’ll find prize pages that bring nice surprises, such as extra credits, banner and text impressions or even money. Yes, you can make money on traffic exchanger sites, as well. The credits can be used, the money can be withdrawn to your e-bank account or converted to credits.

Manual Surfing

On the Manual Surf sites the credits are earned by surfing the pages manually. Wait for the timer, click the right number or illustration and you get your credit.


The Best Traffic Exchange

EasyHits4U Payment Proofs

EasyHits4u is the most popular traffic exchange site that ever existed. Simple to use and very effective. The site is on-line since in 2003, by now there are more than 420.000 signed up members. There are 1000-3000 members surfing in every second there, so your page is shown to a large number of people throughout the day.

As a welcome bonus you get 50 credits when you register. Credits are earned by surfing the pages, and for your referrals activity. Referral system is 5-level deep for Regular Members and 6-level deep for Premium Members.

The traffic exchange ratio here is 1:1 with a 20 seconds timer or 2:1 with a 15 seconds timer. It’s up to you which timer you choose.
Your account is credited with $0.30 for every 1000 surfed page (no matter whether is 20 or 15 sec timer), and $0.10 for your every referral that surfed 100 pages. The payout minimum is $3, and is paid via PayPal or AlertPay.
On every 25th page there’s a prize for you. Remember you have to push the “Claim Your Prize” in order to get it.

There are four Premium Member packs for sale, starting with 1 Month – 6.95$. Being a Premium Member means that you’ll get some additional benefits, even referrals in your down-line. Your banner can be displayed on this site, as well. For 1 credit you’ll get 25 banner impressions or 50 text impressions.

In addition on EasyHits4U there’s a Link Directory, where you can submit your site or blog. You have to insert the HTML code provided by EasyHits4U and if your site is approved you get a strong back link to your site.
If you want you can write articles and submit them in the EasyHits4U article directory.


Traffic Swarm

The Traffic Swarm is one of the best, if not the best Traffic Excahange site out there. This site is the Winner of Web 2.0 Award for Best Marketing Application.
The exchange ratio on this site is amazing: for every page that you view you earn 1-500(!) credits. Click here for a proof. For every visited page you get 3 credits on average. That means for every visited page by you, your site will get 3 visitors in return! Moreover you can select which sites you want to visit. So, you can visit only the pages that interests you.

Surfing the pages you might find links entitled like this: “Fraud Test – DO NOT CLICK” or “DON’T CLICK – Cheat Test” or something similar. Avoid this links, do not click them, it will be considered abuse of the site, your account might be deleted.

There is a five-level deep referral system here, having a few referrals will assure a lot of visitors to your site. You’ll get 100 free credits for signing up.


Traffic Splash

Traffic-Splash is ranked #1 Traffic Exchanger. For Standard Members the surf ratio is 3:1 with a 10 seconds timer per page, but don’t let this scare you away, because while you surf the pages you’ll get a plenty of bonuses. Every 15th page contains a bonus (credits or splash points) and every now and then there are pages that hide more prizes. On the third day of my Traffic-Splash Membership I won a 1 Month Special Membership(!) which brought me a lot of benefits. Referrals can be gained, too, credits, and splash points. This is how a prize page looks like.
Besides the credits you get for surfing, you’ll be rewarded as follows: for surfing 100 pages a day you’ll get 1,000 text ads or 500 banner ads, for surfing 250 pages a day you’ll get 4,000 text ads or 2,000 banner ads or for surfing 500 pages a day you’ll get 7,000 text ads or 3,500 banner ads.



TopSurfer is a 1:1 traffic exchange site established in 2001. There are a large variety of surf tools to choose from: Radio, Plain, Auto Surf, Bingo, Flash Game, Solitaire, Money Earner, Chat, Double-Up or Solo-Ad Surf Bar. They all are different but not difficult to use. Just pick one of your choice and start earning credits. If you want more benefits you can upgrade your account.

For extra credits, log in to your account then go to the Members Area and look for xx Unread solo-ads. Open it, there are the solo-ads, each of them worth 5 hit credits.
You can make money on this site, as well. Click the Earn money icon, and your surfing now is rewarded with money. You get $0.02 for 35 visited site, and $0.003 for each solo-ad. Don’t forget, there are unlimited pages to surf here.



The surf ratio on this site is 2:1, but many extra credits are found while surfing. What makes this site very effective that they send you e-mails to your e-mail account (if you don’t want you can un-subscribe) that contain 1 or more links. By clicking those links you get instantly up to 1000 credits! This is the feature that I like the most on this site. Check here how such an email looks like. Just click the link, let the advertisement page open, and that’s it. No timer, only credits. Moreover, there’s a 6-level deep referral system here, hence this site is a very effective traffic generator.



1:1 is the surf ratio here, but you get more than that. For every visited page you get one credit + a HotLin credit. HotLink credits are used to display your text link ad. One text impression costs one HotLink credit.
The 5-level deep referral system makes this site a great place to get visitors to your site. There are further opportunities to make extra credits on this site, you’ll discover them while you surf the pages.


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