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This bar is on-line since May 2007, and has already built-up a good reputation. SmartBarre’s bar is small (468 x 70 px) and flexible, it can be moved anywhere on the screen. As long as the bar is up it accumulates points in your account that are converted into money at the end of every month. The points are converted according to your activity throughout the current month. You have to run your SmartBar for a certain amount of time (about 10 hours / month) and click some “Click Rémunérés” every now and then to get your points converted in a percentage of 100%. To find out your avtivity level for the current month, login to your account, and go to Membre -> Statistiques. Look for “Activité Mensuelle (Your monthly activity): Vous avez effectué x.x % de l’activité exigée (You’ve accomplished x.x% of the required activity)”. The x.x stands for a number, the higher that number is the better. Try to make it 100%, it’s not difficult.
When you reach €15 or more you can request a payout. Payouts are issued via PayPal or cheque.
The referral system applied here is:

  • 1st level: 25%;
  • 2nd level: 10%;
  • 3rd level: 10%

Every new member gets 300 bonus points upon registration. To start the registration click here or the banner above, and click the Inscription link on the left side of the page.

Sign up form

On the next page some data are needed to be submitted. For an easier understanding here’s a picture showing the French text translated into English. Btw, the SmartBarre’s homepage is available in 7 different languages, check it in the upper part of the homepage.
When all is done press the Incription button. Now an e-mail is dispatched to your e-mail account, containing an activation link. Having clicked you can login to your brand new SmartBarre account. On the left-hand side of the SmartBarre account there are the links you are looking for. Most of them are drop down menus, take a tour to get used with them. First you need to login, click the Connexion link and enter your login data. Next go to the Espace Members box and search for the Barre link. Within that click the Télécharger link. Now click on the latest version of the bar app link, preferably the executable one. Download it, it is an .exe file, ready to run. No set up is needed, just run the downloaded file and your surf bar is ready to accumulate points for you.

A presence check is made by the bar every hour. A code must be submitted and the bar goes back to work.
The bar can be moved anywhere you want by grabbing the vertical MENU area. Right-click on that area and a drop down menu shows up with the next options:

  • Aller sur le site: Go to the SmartBarre home page
  • Opacité: Set the opacity of the bar (70-100%)
  • Déplacer la barre: Move the bar
  • Mes points: Points accumulated
  • Quitter: Exit

You can gain extra points on the SmartBarre home page. Log in to your account, the most simple way is to click on the Aller sur le site option in the bar drop down menu (as described above). There are many places within the home page to go, the most important are:

  • Connexion: Login – it takes you to the login page,

Member: Here is everything related to you:

  • Mes Infos: Your profile Info,
  • Statistiques: Detailed statistics about your and your referrals activity,
  • Parrainage: Here is described how the referral system works and here you can find your referrer links and banners to promote SmartBarre and getting referrals. Use this tools to invite new members to your down-line. Having some referrals will boost your earnings considerably.
  • Achat Filleuls:Here you can buy direct referrals in your down-line. They are yours forever, hopefully they are active enough to worth buying. They already made at least 10 points on the bar before they are put to sale,
  • Mes Filleuls: Here are enlisted your referrals showing their country, their activity, and how many referrals they have,
  • Paiement: Here you can request y cashout if you have a minimum of €15 in your account,

Publicité: The things about advertisements

  • Mes campaignes: Here you can create your own advertisements campaigns if you want to advertise something,
  • Click Remunérés: Here you can find advertisements to click, each of them worth 7-10 points (20-30 secs),

Boutique: Buy or Sell SmartCodes,
Jeux: Games

If, for any reason you have lost your current SmartBarre file (re-installing the OS, etc), just go to the SmartBarre’s site, log in, and download the .exe file of the bar.

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