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Here are the surf bars I’m using to make money.
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20Dollars2Surf is online since 2008. This bar, as the majority of the SurfBars out there, is French, as well. But the home page of this bar comes with a very useful feature: it has 8 language to choose from. On the top, right-hand side of the page there are the flags enlisted, English is one of them.
The bar is small and simple. It can be moved freely anywhere on the screen.
The referral system here is very advantageous: you earn 10% of all your referral’s points on 10 level.
You can request a payout when you have at least $20 in your account. Payments are issued via PayPal, Payza (AlertPay) or Hipay.

Start the registration clicking here or on the banner above. On the next page enter your e-mail address then hit the “Join us” button. Another page opens where you can download the surfbar file. Click the link, save the file then run it.
Next you need to provide some data about you: your user name, man/woman, year of birth, your language, your country, and your website address if you have any.
When everything is completed press the “Next” button. An e-mail containing your 20dollars2Surf password is dispatched. Now you can run the bar and start to make money.

Here is how the bar looks like (right now showing the Surfer Bonus banner):

Surfer bonusKeep an eye on the bar, when the “Surfer Bonus” appears, click it and you earn 1-1000 points instantly or even a 20$Pass.
The bar on startup appears on the bottom of the screen. There are three icons on the left side of the bar. Grab it by pressing the “-” icon and drag it wherever you want on your screen.
Close the bar by pressing the “X” icon. Go to the 20Dollars2Surf homepage by pressing the “$” icon. On the site you arrive directly into your account. There you can check how many points you accumulated, how many referrals you have, how much money you have. There you can find detailed statistics about your every referral on every level, and you can find out who are in your up-lines, as well.
The accumulated points are converted into money on the last day of every month. The money is added to your account, and the points are set to 0, the point gathering starts again. If you have a minimum of $20 in your account you can request a cash-out.
There are Games available on the site: Wheelsurf, BingoSurf and Super Referral. A free game is allowed every day for the WheelSurf and BingoSurf. You can play more than once per day if you have a 20$Pass for this. You can win points, credits, referrals, 20$Pass and the Big JackPot. To join the Super Referral contest a 20$Pass is needed. There are big prizes there, but on average 10.000 points are made with one 20$Pass here. What I usually do here is playing a free game (WheelSurf and BingoSurf) and if I win a 20$Pass I use it to join in the Super Referral contest.
20$Passes can be bought for money or if you wish you can sell them.

Take a look at the Bonus section, under the Click Bonus links there are ads to click worth 5-10 points each (15 – 30 sec).

In the Referrals section there is the Links and Banners link. Here you can find your referrer links and banners. Use these tools to invite others in your down-line, you earn much more points and make much more money if you have some referrals in your down-line.

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