piqqus – share your website

For some reason people are reluctant to share/like unpopular websites. It turns out to be a vicious circle: the less popular the site, the fewer people share it, the fewer people share it, the site never get popular. Popularity means traffic, and traffic means, in a way or other, money. Fortunately we have piqqus, that makes sharing websites smooth and easy.

What is piqqus?

Piqqus is a site that provides a very easy and effective way to get your website enlisted in two of the major social networks: Digg and StumbleUpon. To be able to use piqqus you need to have at least one account of the the those two.
With piqqus your website will get digged and stumbled quickly for free. The more diggs and stumbles your website gets the more popular it becomes, which means more visitors and higher ranking of your page.
To make it simple: you digg and stumble others’ websites, in exchange they digg and stumble yours.

The site of piqqus is very simple. Actually it cannot be simpler than that.
There are two ways of signing up. You can sign up simply going to piqqus homepage and join. That way you’ll have a piqqus account where you can earn points for yourself but there’s no way to invite others, you’ll never have any referral.

If you sign up following an invitation link you will be able to invite others in your piqqus downline. Thus, in addition to the points you earn for your own activity you get points for your referrals activity, too.

Here’s an invitation link:

Every invitation link can be used once only. This link might already been taken by someone else.
If this invitation link is not used yet you should see this: “This link can be used to create 1 (one) account at piqq.us.”
If on the piqqus site there’s a message saying it’s Invalid link, or this message in red appears: “Is this account any different than those created using invitation links?” saying that you won’t be able to invite other people, quit the sign up process and request a new invitation link from me via the Contact me form. I’ll sent you an invitation link to your e-mail address in a couple of hours.

When you sign up you only need to enter the desired username and password. Later you will have to provide your Digg/StumbleUpon username. Take care to enter them correctly, it costs 20 points to change them.
As a welcome bonus you get 3 DiggPoints and 3 StumblePoints from piqqus.

On the Home page you can find the active links available to digg/stumble. Pick any of them or the one you like the best, wait to be redirected, then digg/stumble the story. You need to be logged in your Digg/StumbleUpon account, of course.
After you digged/stumbled you should wait about 1-5 minutes, go back to the piqqus homepage and press the “I HAVE STUMBLED” / “I HAVE DUGG” button next to the link you have just digged/stumbled. Now your account is credited with 1-2 points. If it is not, wait another minute and press the “I HAVE STUMBLED” / “I HAVE DUGG” button again.
DO NOT abuse the system! There’s no hurry, Stumble/Digg pages at a slow rate, no more than 2-10 links a day.

When you have at least 6 DiggPoints or 6 StumblePoints you can start your own campaign. Click the Campaigns link and enter how many points you wish to spend and enter your website Digg/StumbleUpon URL.
If you don’t know how to do that, read on:
For Digg.com:
Digg your own website (if you haven’t already done that). Go to your Digg account, select Submit link, enter your website link and click submit. When it’s done your site appears on your digged list. Click the yellowish rectangular shape containing the number of diggs. The upcoming page shows the details of your site. You need the URL address of this page, copy then paste it to the piqqus Campaigns page.
As an example, this is my website’s Digg URL:


Feel free to Digg it.

For StumbleUpon.com:
If you haven’t Stumble your site yet, do it now. Go to StumbleUpon.com, click Add a Site, enter your website’s URL and submit. Go to your StumbleUpon’s favorite page and click on the number that shows how many people viewed your site (for instance: 1 Views). The URL address of the next page is what you need, copy/paste it to the piqqus site.
Here’s the URL of my website at StumbleUpon. To Stumble it press the orange Stumble button, then the thumbs up – I like it! button. The thumbs up has to turn green:


If you signed following an invitation link, you can invite others to join your downline. Go to Invite page, there you find an invitation link. One link, one invitation. Once used the system generates a new invitation link, so you can invite as many as you want. For every 10 points earned by your referral your account is credited with 2 points.