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InfinityBux - paying PTC site


Second InfinityBux payment proofFirst InfinityBux payment proof

The InfinityBux sends the money instantly. The transaction fee is 0% for AlertPay and 15% for Liberty Reserve.


Freelance Jobs – easy paid tasks

Freelance Jobs

Another effective way of making money online is by engaging freelance jobs. There are a large variety of freelance jobs on the Internet, many of them requires high skills and professionalism which pay more, of course. And there are plenty of easier tasks, which provide lower income but they are easy to accomplish. In this article I focus on the latter type of freelance jobs. We can call them easy tasks or paid tasks, since they are easy and we get paid for completing them.
These tasks can be completed in minutes. You can choose from a large variety of tasks, such as: writing an article, posting on forums, displaying links, vote videos and articles, test sites, bookmark sites (on Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc), follow on Twitter, Like! on Facebook, sign up, search, click ads and more. The more complex the job is, the more money you will make by completing it.
These freelance jobs are recommended mainly for those who are not very good in building downlines, since a good amount of money can be made with no referrals. Although there is a referral commission here as well, the money is paid for our own work. This fact makes these sites more stable and self-sustainable.

Recommended freelance jobs sites

Payment Proofs – ClixSense

ClixSense paymentClix Sense payment 2014apr25 WM22th best PTC site payout21th best ClixSense payout20th best ClixSense payoutClixSense 19th payment proofClixSense 18th payment proofClixSense 17th payment proofClixSense 16th payment proofClixSense 15th payment proof14th ClixSense Payment Proof13th ClixSense Payment Proof12th ClixSense Payment Proof11th ClixSense Payment ProofTenth ClixSense Payment ProofNinth ClixSense Payment ProofEigth ClixSense Payment ProofSeventh ClixSense Payment ProofSixth ClixSense Payment ProofFifth ClixSense Payment ProofFourth ClixSense Payment ProofThird ClixSense Payment ProofSecond ClixSense Payment Proof

ClixSense pays the money on each Monday or Friday. You can make a cashout request whenever you want (you must have the payout minimum, of course), and the next Monday or Friday you get the money.


Payment Proofs – Gainum

Gainum Payment Proof 22Gainum Payment Proof 21Gainum Payment Proof 19Gainum Payment Proof 18Gainum Payment Proof no17Gainum Payment Proof no16Gainum Payment Proof no15Gainum Payment Proof no14Gainum Payment Proof no13Gainum Payment Proof no12Gainum payment proof no 11Gainum payment proof no 10Gainum Payment Proof no9Gainum Payment Proof no8Gainum Payment Proof no7Gainum Payment Proof no6Gainum Payment Proof no5Gainum Payment Proof no4Gainum Payment Proof no3Gainum Payment Proof no2Gainum Payment Proof no1

The money is paid in 12 hours by Gainum.


Gainum – a reliable Share Investment site



Payment Proofs

Gainum is a site where you can safely invest your money. Gainum is a share investment site, the expert group behind Gainum invest the money in profitable businesses, and the profit is shared with the Gainum’s users – the money owners.
I recommend Gainum not only because I’ve already been paid by it, but because I know the owner of the site, and I know for sure that he is trustworthy.

Basically there are two investment plan on Gainum:

  • Plan 1: Amount to invest: $10 – $1,000, Weekly profit: 2.50% (150% total profit)
  • Plan 2 Amount to invest: $1,001 – $10,000, Weekly profit: 3.00% (180% total profit)

There’s a profit calculator on the Gainum’s homepage, there you can see how much your deposited money will bring to you.

Minimum amount to invest is $10 via AlertPay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Gainum’s account balance, and the profit is credited to your account every week.
You cannot withdraw the invested amount of money, you can withdraw only the profit that your deposited money has made.

The referral commision is 5% of the deposited money of your referrals.


Payment Proofs – Ad-lantis


The money is paid instantly. There’s a transaction fee charged by Ad-lantis on each payout: 6% for PayPal and 9% for AlertPay.


Payment Proofs – EasyHits4U

The Best Traffic Exchange


Easy Hits4 You2013 Dec24Payment Proof EasyHits4U nr5Payment Proof EasyHits4U nr4Payment Proof EasyHits4U nr3Payment Proof EasyHits4U nr2Payment Proof EasyHits4U nr1

The money is paid in 1-24 hours.


Payment Proofs – 20Dollars2Surf

make cash

3rd payment from 20dollars2surf2nd payment from 20dollars2surf1st payment from 20dollars2surf

The money is paid within 30-60 days.


piqqus – share your website

For some reason people are reluctant to share/like unpopular websites. It turns out to be a vicious circle: the less popular the site, the fewer people share it, the fewer people share it, the site never get popular. Popularity means traffic, and traffic means, in a way or other, money. Fortunately we have piqqus, that makes sharing websites smooth and easy.

What is piqqus?

Piqqus is a site that provides a very easy and effective way to get your website enlisted in two of the major social networks: Digg and StumbleUpon. To be able to use piqqus you need to have at least one account of the the those two.
With piqqus your website will get digged and stumbled quickly for free. The more diggs and stumbles your website gets the more popular it becomes, which means more visitors and higher ranking of your page.
To make it simple: you digg and stumble others’ websites, in exchange they digg and stumble yours.

The site of piqqus is very simple. Actually it cannot be simpler than that.
There are two ways of signing up. You can sign up simply going to piqqus homepage and join. That way you’ll have a piqqus account where you can earn points for yourself but there’s no way to invite others, you’ll never have any referral.

If you sign up following an invitation link you will be able to invite others in your piqqus downline. Thus, in addition to the points you earn for your own activity you get points for your referrals activity, too.

Here’s an invitation link:

Every invitation link can be used once only. This link might already been taken by someone else.
If this invitation link is not used yet you should see this: “This link can be used to create 1 (one) account at”
If on the piqqus site there’s a message saying it’s Invalid link, or this message in red appears: “Is this account any different than those created using invitation links?” saying that you won’t be able to invite other people, quit the sign up process and request a new invitation link from me via the Contact me form. I’ll sent you an invitation link to your e-mail address in a couple of hours.

When you sign up you only need to enter the desired username and password. Later you will have to provide your Digg/StumbleUpon username. Take care to enter them correctly, it costs 20 points to change them.
As a welcome bonus you get 3 DiggPoints and 3 StumblePoints from piqqus.

On the Home page you can find the active links available to digg/stumble. Pick any of them or the one you like the best, wait to be redirected, then digg/stumble the story. You need to be logged in your Digg/StumbleUpon account, of course.
After you digged/stumbled you should wait about 1-5 minutes, go back to the piqqus homepage and press the “I HAVE STUMBLED” / “I HAVE DUGG” button next to the link you have just digged/stumbled. Now your account is credited with 1-2 points. If it is not, wait another minute and press the “I HAVE STUMBLED” / “I HAVE DUGG” button again.
DO NOT abuse the system! There’s no hurry, Stumble/Digg pages at a slow rate, no more than 2-10 links a day.

When you have at least 6 DiggPoints or 6 StumblePoints you can start your own campaign. Click the Campaigns link and enter how many points you wish to spend and enter your website Digg/StumbleUpon URL.
If you don’t know how to do that, read on:
Digg your own website (if you haven’t already done that). Go to your Digg account, select Submit link, enter your website link and click submit. When it’s done your site appears on your digged list. Click the yellowish rectangular shape containing the number of diggs. The upcoming page shows the details of your site. You need the URL address of this page, copy then paste it to the piqqus Campaigns page.
As an example, this is my website’s Digg URL:

Feel free to Digg it.

If you haven’t Stumble your site yet, do it now. Go to, click Add a Site, enter your website’s URL and submit. Go to your StumbleUpon’s favorite page and click on the number that shows how many people viewed your site (for instance: 1 Views). The URL address of the next page is what you need, copy/paste it to the piqqus site.
Here’s the URL of my website at StumbleUpon. To Stumble it press the orange Stumble button, then the thumbs up – I like it! button. The thumbs up has to turn green:

If you signed following an invitation link, you can invite others to join your downline. Go to Invite page, there you find an invitation link. One link, one invitation. Once used the system generates a new invitation link, so you can invite as many as you want. For every 10 points earned by your referral your account is credited with 2 points.

About ClixSense

ClixSense – one of the best PTC sites

ClixSense - best, paying PTC site

I think ClixSense is one of the best PTC sites, so I offer a referral deal for you: join my ClixSense downline by clicking the banner above and upgrade your account ($17 / Year). Then contact me, send me your ClixSense username, and I pay you instantly $2 via PayPal or Payza (AlertPay).

ClixSense was established in February of 2007. It works flawlessly ever since to great joy of many money makers and advertisers, and it was redesigned in 2011. It was not only an improvement of the look out but also provides higher earning possibilities now. The lookout of the site is neat and in spite of the many options this site has, it is very easy to use. I’d say ClixSense has the best script I ever seen for a PTC site.

Sign Up to ClixSense
The signing up process is somewhat more complex than in other sites.
Click the SIGN UP NOW button then fill in the form on the next page. Your country is detected, the empty fields must be filled.
There are four check boxes, the first is that you agree ClixSense’s ToS, that must be checked (only if you agree, of course). The other tree check boxes are for to show or hide your real name, e-mail address. It’s your choice, check what you want.
Choose your payment method, your log-in data, and a secret question. Don’t worry, everything can be changed later. When everything is in place, click the Create Account button. Next you’ll receive a welcome e-mail that contains an activation link. Click that link, then you can log-in to your account.

It is clear at the first glance that that the site of ClixSense is a top-notch. It provides detailed information in every aspect of the site. You can see your up-line and your down-line. Any piece of information you’d ever need regarding ClixSense you’ll find browsing its site.

Clicking the Ads
Clicking the ads is not compulsory on ClixSense. You earn a commisssion from your referrals even if you don’t click the adverts. To click the available ads simply click the View Ads button. There are four types of advertisements at ClixSense:

  • Micro – $0.001 / 3sec
  • Mini – $0.003 / 10sec
  • Standard – $0.01 / 30sec
  • Extended – $0.02 / 60 sec

It is highly recommended to check the sites several times a day, there might be new ads to click.

ClixSense has a tool-bar, which is highly customizable according to your needs. Its main feature is that it shows your balance and the available ads in real time. You can’t miss any ad with this tool-bar.

After the ad link is clicked a Captcha tool appears. There are 5 pictures, 4 dogs and 1 cat. Find the cat and click it. ClixSense implemented this cheat-checker to filter the cheaters and auto-clickers to prevent them to abuse the system. The cheat checker occurs every time when an ad link is clicked. There’s no picture challenge for the ClixGrid. Another new feature implemented by ClixSense, that makes happy the advertisers is that the you have to keep the ad page on focus. Minimizing the tab/window with the current advertisement running makes the timer to stop. So users must literally watch the ads they are paid for. This happens with every browser, except Google’s Chrome or Chromium. For some reason in those browsers the timer keeps running even the ad page is minimized.

ClixSense offers another way of earning: ClixGrid. Going there you find a grid where you can click in the hope of finding a prize. The prize can be $0.10 – $5. Here’s a snapshot of a page with a prize of $1.

There’s no any ClixGrid strategy or tactics to win more money. The rule is simple: the more you click the higher your chances to win money. Take a look how ClixGrid looks like.


Standard Members

  • Guaranteed Ads Daily – 1 ($0.01) and several micro ads. It can be more than one standard ad, and the amount of micro ad theoretically is unlimited (it varies between 6-20 / day).
  • ClixGrid Chances – 25 (10 seconds timer)
  • Pay per Click – $0.001 to $0.02
  • Welcome Ads – none
  • Pay per Referral Click $0.0002 to $0.004
  • Signup Commissions – none
  • Upgrade Commissions – $2.00 per upgraded direct referral (this applies only for the 1st level)
  • Sales Commissions (Ad Credits and ClixGrid Purchases) – 10% up to $1.00 per purchase limited at $50 per referral
  • Payout threshold: $8

Premium Members – only $17 / Year!

Paying the money for the Premium Membership can be made with any of the accepted payment processors or from the ClixSense’ Main balance. Moreover you can pay partially with your Main balance and the remainder with your payment processor. For Premium Members the referral system is 8-level deep.

  • Guaranteed Ads Daily – 4 ($0.01) and several micro ads.
  • ClixGrid Chances – 50 (5 seconds timer)
  • Pay per Click – $0.001 to $0.02
  • Welcome Ads – 100 . This means when you get your ClixSense account upgraded, you get 100 ads available to click, all of them worth $0.01. They remain available until you click them. These ads only will credit $1 into your ClixSense account, cutting the upgrade price by $1.
  • Pay per Referral Click $0.0002 to $0.004
  • Signup Commissions – ClixSense pays you $0.50 when your referral earns $1 for himself/herself
  • Upgrade Commissions – $2.00 per upgraded direct referral + $1.00 per upgrade through 7 more levels
  • Sales Commissions (Ad Credits and ClixGrid Purchases) – 10% up to $2.00 per purchase limited at $100 per referral
  • Payout threshold: $6

ClixSense makes possible for you to upgrade one of more of your referrals. If you decide to upgrade a referral of yours, simply pick his/her username, and upgrade his/her account for only $15. In this case you will not receive the $2 comission for your referral’s upgrade, for this reason the price is $2 lower.

At ClixSense there are no referrals for sale or rent. You can rely only on your Direct Referrals. Try to find as many as you can. As you can see your Direct Referrals’ ID, you can promote their referral links, as well. This is good for your referral, and for you. Giving referrals to your referrals you keep them motivated, on the same token, if you are upgraded, you earn commissions from your referrals 8-level deep.
At ClixSense there’s no need to click your own ads to receive rhe commission for your referals’ clicks.

ClixSense Tasks
There are small jobs available to complete on ClixSense, called Tasks. These are a set of instructions (Google search, categotize videos, images, find URLs, etc) you have to follow in order to receive the money for jor job. The money you make with the completed Tasks are added to your Main Balance.

Referral commissions on Tasks: ClixSense pays a 5% commission to standard uplines and a 10% commission to premium uplines.

ClixSense pays the money via Payza (AlertPay), PayPal, Liberty Reserve or Cheque. The payout threshold is $8 for Standard Members and $6 for Premium members, only for the Cheque International is $100. When you reach the payout minimum, next to your main balance a Request Cashout button appears. Payments are issued every Monday, once you requested your money, you’ll be paid on next Monday.

On ClixSense there are survey tasks. To make even more money, you might want to take some survey jobs, however there are several countries (Nigeria, North Korea, Bosnia, Iran, Iraq, Singapore, Pakistan, Indonesia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Malaysia, Romania, Serbia, El Salvador, San Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua) that are not allowed to participate. ClixSense has an active forum, there you can find answers for any question you might have regarding ClixSense, and about making money with PTC sites in general.

ClixSense closes the accounts of inactive users after 90 days of inactivity.


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