Make Money Online with paying PTC sites

Easy money on the Internet – paying PTC sites

One of the most easiest ways to make money online is viewing paid ads on PTC sites. Most online money makers that have no any skills started earning money with PTC sites. This money making method is referred by many as working from home, but I wouldn’t call it work, although it can be made from home and everyone can earn money with it. My payment proofs can be found here.

I’d rather say it’s a simple task, the money is paid for viewing ads, hence the name: money for clicking ads. This task can be done literally by everyone, a PC and an internet connection is required. Then, following a short and easy registration procedure on a PTC site you can start earning money. In order to get your money in your e-bank account it is of upmost importance to click the ads on reliable and paying PTC sites. There’s no use to on sites that are only there to scam you. It is not very difficult to tell which site is paying and which one is scam. Click the link for a quick guide.

Being an easy task clicking the ads is not paying too much. The PTC sites are paying cents and fraction of cents, but if you learn how to make use of these sites, the cents adds up, and you can make a nice side income with the PTC sites.

In the first days you won’t earn large amounts of money. There are several ways to increase your income, but these require to invest some money.
You can upgrade your account (Premium, golden, etc), thus you get more ads to click daily, click rates and ref commissions are higher. You reach the minimum payout much faster. Invest money only on sites that are going to stay online for a long time and that are going to pay your money. You can enjoy your upgraded account only if you have many referrals.
Investing in rented referrals makes sense only if you spend less money on them than they make for you. Before you rent on a certain site, make an investigation beforehand, find out if it worth? Things are always in change on PTC sites, so get your pieces of information before you throw your money in. When you have rented referrals you have to find a strategy that works best for you, to make a profit as big as possible. You can work out your own strategy or you can follow others’. Here’s a kick start about how to manage your rented referrals.
Direct Referrals are the best when it comes to make more money on PTC sites. If you manage to have some Direct Referrals your income will increase. The sweetest part of this is that you don’t have to spend money on your Direct Referrals, they make you money quietly in your downline. Although you might be forced to spend some money on advertising to get Direct Referrals, there are a few way to get them for free. Follow this link to find out how to get Direct Referrals.

Here are the sites I maek money with, I consider them paying PTC sites.

Keep in mind that a reliable, paying PTC site might turn overnight in a non-paying PTC site, or it can simply disappear.

Enjoy your stay as a money maker.


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  1. Marco Alcala says:

    Great blog, very detailed, Good information.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I went to http://makekash.com/ptc-sites/ around 2 months ago. I invested 5$ on neobux to rent referals, I got 7.5$ with this investment and registered on all the other sites and started advertising to them (mostly on Clixsense) using the referal links. Well, after reinvesting again again I got 50$ + more than 20 direct referals on each site and some rented, and there is much more to come, I’m still growing. I love this!

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