How can you tell whether a site is legit or scam?

Using PTC sites, SurfBars or any other site that doesn’t require any skills will never make you filthy rich. But it is a proven fact that it is possible to make money with these sites, and with a little experience you can have a nice side income with them.

Unfortunately many PTC sites turn into scam in a very short period of time. Every day dozens of PTC sites start their business and half of them disappear in less than three months.
Some of them are serious, some of them close due to a management failure, and some of them are purposely scam sites from the beginning. It is important to be able to distinguish which sites are worth to register to, and which of them are only there to scam us. There’s no way to tell it for sure but keeping in mind the hints described here, the chances to avoid scam sites increase considerably. Thus you don’t waste your time with scammers and they don’t take your money away. I recommend to check the sites before you join them, and double check them before you invest your money in them.

  • Take a look at the site and its design. If it is based on a largely used, generic script or the site is poorly constructed and is full of misspelled words that does not inspire much confidence. If the owner of the site doesn’t spend money on the script, don’t expect to pay you.
  • Look at the domain name. If it’s a domain that is for free (those ending in .cc, .tk) that is bad. PTC sites on an unpaid domain are gone very soon.
  • Check if the site has a forum. If there’s no forum, stay away. PTC sites with no forum are 100% scam.
  • Check the forum of the site, read the posts of the users, how many recent payment proofs are there, if there are any complaint regarding the site. Figure out how responsive is the Admin and the Moderators.
  • If you must deposit money in order to cash-out, forget the site.
  • Find out how long is the site online. The older the site is the better.
  • The sites that promise that make you rich quickly without doing anything are only there to scam you. There is no such thing as free money neither on the Internet nor in the real world.
  • Check the click rates that the site offers. Anything higher than $0.01 for a Standard member’s click is suspicious.
  • Compare the click value that a user gets for a click against the advertising package price the site have. If the advertising package price does not cover the click value, that’s a major warning.

This was only a guide, no one can tell for sure the legit sites from scam sites. No one can predict the unexpected, but with the outlined rules above in mind you are very likely to avoid the scammers.

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  1. Andrew Blackmore says:

    Thanks for that post i tried several of these ptc sites before and i was totally scammed i kept clicking for months and at the end of it went to get my payment and they didn’t even respond even after sending them several emails, i wont be bothering doing that again!!!!

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