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If you are new in the field of making money on-line you might find useful this post.

Welcome in the money making world.
Money, money, money… Admit it or not we all need money, we depend on money. No matter if it jingles in your pocket, rustles in your wallet, clinks in your piggy-bank or just are some virtual numbers in your bank or e-bank account. What matters is only to have money enough to live in a decent way.
Obviously you’re interested in making money, that’s why you are here. I remember the time when I started to search all over the Internet trying to find an opportunity to make some cash. I was close to the point to give up saying that there is no such opportunity to earn money with no high skills. Eventually I came across these sites that are presented on this website, and now I have a nice side income. So, you can do the same, but keep in mind: the most important thing is persistence. Don’t expect high income on your first days as a money maker. You won’t get rich overnight. It is needed a certain amount of time before you will make some nice amount of money. Of course, you’ll earn money from the very first day when you sign up on these sites, but after a while your earnings might increase considerably.

Joining these money maker sites is free, there is no any charge. So, you can give it a try, it will cost you nothing. There is no any obligation, if it happens you don’t like them you may forget them and never come back.

After signing up one of the most important things is to try to find referrals. Those people who join your down-line are called Referrals. Inviting people to join your down-line will boost your income considerably. There are several ways to invite people, the most obvious is to spread your words through the Internet. If you own a website or a blog you can display your referral link on them. If you have neither of them it’s time to think about making one or having one made for you. If you are a member of a social network (like Facebook, Twitter, Tagged, etc..) you can share your experience there. There are hundreds of sites where advertising is allowed free of charge, a good place for your referrer links. Not to mention that these sites you are about to join here, advertising is possible for an affordable price. You can also send e-mails to encourage your friends to join your down-line, but avoid spamming! Talking face to face or on the phone to friends, schoolmates, colleagues, relatives, acquaintances about your on-line money making offers has the highest chance of getting a new referral. There is a plenty of possible referrals all around you. For details check the How to find Direct Referrals post.

I’m pretty sure you already have at least one e-mail address, but I advise you to create one that you’ll use only with these sites. And use this newly created e-mail account to create your e-bank account(s). Don’t mix your personal e-mails with the ones you’ll receive from these sites. I recommend to use one of these e-mail providers: Google or Yahoo. They are very reliable and free. Sooner or later in order to be able to withdraw your money you’ll need one or more of the following e-bank accounts: PayPal, AlertPay, Liberty Reserve, Neteller, as most of the PTC sites and SurfBars use one or more of these..
In the case of PayPal and AlertPay, where your account ID is the e-mail you sign up with, it is highly recommended to create your PayPal or AlertPay account using the same e-mail account that you use to sign up to the PTC sites. In other words some PTC sites accept only those e-bank accounts to send your earned money to, that have the same ID (e-mail) as the e-mail you used to sign up to the PTC site.

Don’t use the same password on each site you sign up. If you use the same password it might happen at some point that your login data leak out somehow and you may found that somebody has taken you to the cleaners. This is more likely to happen to those people who sign up carelessly, without making prior research, as described here. Unfortunately there might be sites that are launched only to collect data about user names and passwords, and when they obtain them, they go to the popular sites and simply try to log in with those data. If they succeed, they change the payment processor ID and send the money found in the Main Balance to their own payment processor.
If you wish, you can use the same username for every site, but make sure that the passwords are different.
It becomes quite difficult to remember which password belongs to which site, don’t worry, there’s a solution for that, too. Use a password manager, like RoboForm or go to the add-ons page of your Internet browser and make a search for “password manager”. Mozilla Firefox has the most extensions, like LastPass or Mitto. Just install it for free, create an account for free, and it will manage all your passwords you allow it to do so. It’s very helpful, when you open the login page of any of your site you are registered, the login data fields are completed automatically, all you have to do is to do is to press the login button.

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What is a Surf Bar?
Legit or Scam?

Any further piece of information is needed feel free to contact me.

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