How to get Direct Referrals

Direct Referrals make money for you for free

Making money with PTC sites is quite simple, no skills are required and it doesn’t take too much time to click some advertisement links. Although everyone makes money from the first day after signing up to a money maker site (let’s assume the site is legit), we must admit that it’s not a big deal to make a few cents per day that you earn clicking on your own. What really turns a PTC site into a good income source is the amount of referrals you have in your down-line. By upgrading your membership your income increases significantly, too, but this means you have to invest money.
For the time being let’s stick to free stuff. Try to get as many Direct Referrals as possible. For some people this is the most difficult part of the whole thing: how to get Direct Referrals? Let’s face it, it’s not easy, indeed. But if you know how to do it, everything is much easier.

  • Make your own website or blog. This takes the most effort on your side, but this works best especially in the long run. There are many ways to set up a website or a blog for free. Even if you have never made anything like this before, just make a search on the Internet there is a lot of resource you can make use of. You don’t need to be a skilled coder to be able to make your own site. Personally I recommend to use WordPress, it’s free, reliable and very popular. You only have to sign up, choose a theme, and start posting. It’s that simple. The more useful posts you make, and the more unique your site is, the more successfully your site will be and the more visitors you will have.

  • Ask your family and friends. Talk personally to the members of your family and your friends, schoolmates, colleagues and acquaintances if possible. If not, send them an e-mail about the money making possibility you’ve found and ask them to join. Be honest when you describe what it is all about, do not exaggerate.

  • Traffic Exchanger Sites. On these sites you can promote your referrer link or your site for free. You earn credits by visiting other peoples’ sites, in exchange those people visit your site. Check the Traffic Boosters site for details.

  • Getting Referrals programs. There are plenty of sites out there where you can make deals with other members, meaning you sign up their programs if they sign up yours. You can try GetRef, the most popular of its kind.

  • Social Networks. If you have an account at any Social Network and Bookmarking site (FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, etc), you can promote your referrer link or your site there. If you don’t have an account on these sites, it’s time to create one. Update your profile, submit your link, it’s a great possibility, thousands of people might see it.

  • Forums. The other most obvious way to promote your link is by posting in forums. There are myriad of forums on the Internet about money making. Search for them, sign up, set up your signature (where it is allowed) to point to your site, and make useful posts. Thus many people will come to your site pretty soon. But never spam the forums. If you do, no one will be interested to come to your site, not to mention that you will get banned from the forum. There are forums where there are topics dedicated for Referrals Exchanging or Downline Building. Another great places to find Direct Referrals. Take a look at the EMS forum, there you have everything you need.

  • Make a Video on YouTube. With an estimated two billion video views a day YouTube is a real Hot Spot. Make a video about your money making tools, or make tutorials about how to make money on the Internet, people will find it, watch it, and they will want to join your down-line.

And, of course, if you are ready to invest money from your pocket you can buy or rent referrals on your favourite site. Before investing your money do a search about the site you want to invest to, find out is the site legit or scam?
You can buy Advertisement packs on the PTC sites, so you get exposures for your site.


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    Neo bux is not opening for about 10 days. Message like 404 or url not found is shown. What should I do?

    1. rifefox says:

      I can open it without any problem.

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