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Many people that make money on the Internet are interested in how to transfer their money from one e-bank account to another. Although most of these people want to transfer from / to their PayPal account mostly from AlertPay to PayPal or from PayPal to AlertPay), unfortunately this is not possible because PayPal strictly forbids exchanges with its currency.
In case if you have money to transfer in some other e-bank account, then you can use the services of the xChanger. xChanger is Verified and Certified by AlertPay, the e-currency exchanges made here are legal. A certain amount of fee is deducted when your money is sent, checkout the fees, before any transaction. You need to go through a simple sign up procedure, and you can exchange your money.


xChanger.org E-Currency Exchanger

xChanger accepts AlertPay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect money, Solid Trust, Global Digital Pay. Money is transferred in a maximum of 48 hours, depending on involved e-bank accounts.
If you want to exchange money from your AlertPay account, your AlertPay account must be verified.

After every successful money exchange you make with xChanger, you’ll receive an e-mial with a discount code. You can use that code on your next money exchange and the exchange fees will be lower.

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