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About CashnHits

CashnHits is online since 2009, it is stable and is paying ever since. CashnHits is my favorite Aurora site.
It is a very good site to make money and if you have something to advertise, definitely this is your place. The advertising prices are so attractive that you can’t miss it. On CashnHits there are huge discounts on advertising packages called Specials, containing Link credits, X credits, Banner credits, SignUp credits.

Upon your registration your account is credited with advertising credits (50 X-Credits & 500 Banner Credits or even more).

After signing up to CashnHits, log into your account. There you can find a blue strip in the upper part of the page homing the menu. There you can find everything you need to use CashnHits effectively.

Earn Money – from the drop down menu choose the money making method you prefer,
Auto Earning System – select this, the ad pages are surfed automatically, paying $0.0002 per site.
View PTC ads – regular PTC ads, value $0.0004 – $0.01.
View PTR ads – paid to read ads
Complete Offers – here you can accept other CashnHits members’ offers. From the list of available offers pick the one you think you are interested in. Read carefully what is expected from you in exchange for the offered money. Submit only the offers you completed properly. If the advertiser denies your submitted offer, you get one Negative Reputation. Having 1 – 3 of negative Reputations your account is suspended for 3 days. Having 7, your account is suspended for 7 days, and 30 cents are taken from your balance. Having more your account might get terminated.
Click Exchange – traffic exchange,
Play Lottery – price per ticket: $0.05, prize: $1.5

Account – Clicking this you are taken to your account page where you can find every pieces of information. How much money you have in your CahnHits balance, how many points and advertising credits you have, how many referrals are in your downline. Here you find your promotional tools and here you can manage your advertisements, as well.

Purchase – anything you want to buy on CashnHits, here you can do it.
Buy referrals for $1.5 / referral. The purchased referrals are yours forever, they never leave your downline.
Buy Membership – there are 8 types of Memberships available on CashnHits, each of them having its own benefits. The prices are low, and you won’t get only a higher membership, but a lot of advertising credits, as well. A good start-off is the “Three Monthly Membership” for only $2.5. As its name suggests, this is a three month membership and with the given advertising credits you can start your advertising campaigns.
Buy Advertising – here you can purchase advertising credits. Great deals are the packages, called Specials. These packages are offered at a discount price providing a large number of credits and impressions.

If further questions occur, go to the CashnHits forum, the highly responsive Admin and his staff are always there to help you out.


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