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WordLinx – the oldest PTC site

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click
WordLinx is online since October 2003, it is owned by a company registered in the UK, called Rogue Media Ltd.

WordLinx is a quite simple PTC site, but this simplicity makes it stable. WordLinx is a real PTC site, it shows mostly only real ads, no or only just a few self-sponsored ads.

Sign Up to WordLinx
Find the “Create account” button on the top of the page, and click it. On the next page you are asked for some personal data. When ready, press the “Join WordLinx – Press once!” button.
An e-mail will be delivered to you now, open it and follow the instructions. Then log-in to your brand new WordLinx account. When you log-in, check the box for “Stay logged in all day”, thus WordLinx keeps you logged in your account when you come back any time later.

Clicking the ads
Click the Browse Ads link to make the available ads to click to appear. Click the ad then click the yellow dot. In a new window (tab) the ad will start running. When the timer is up, a “Remove Frame” link appears on the top of the page. You have to click that link to get the money for the visited advert.
There are four types of ads:

  • with 5 seconds timer: $0,001
  • with 15 seconds timer: $0,005
  • with 30 seconds timer: $0,01
  • with 60 seconds timer: $0,02

The paid adverts appears every now and then throughout the day. Whenever an advertiser starts a campaign, the ad shows up to be clicked. The WordLinx’ ad page should be checked several times a day.
The adverts can be shared by the users with a simple click. The ads go viral on social pages (FaceBook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Google Buzz, Delicious, etc) this way. That’s good for advertiser, and good for the user, too. If you share an advert, and someone click that shared ad then he or she becomes your WordLinx referral (if he/she signs up).

For users that aim higher earnings there are three types of upgraded memberships:

  • Verified – $10 / Year
  • Verified Plus – $59 / Year
  • Pro – $25 / Month

You can opt in to receive paid e-mails from WordLinx, if you wish.

WordLinx has a 10-level-deep referral system and there’s no limit how many referrals we can have on any level.
The commissions for clicks and for sales come from Level 1-3 (depending on your account type).
Project X: WordLinx pay a sign-up commission for your every referral 10 level deep! When someone joins your downline (10 level deep), your account is credited with $0,02.
WordLinx have referrals for sale. Referrals Prices are as follows:

WordLinx Referrals – available for upgraded members only:

  • 20 referrals (+ 400 visitors/credits) – $19 – no saving
  • 50 referrals (+ 1000 visitors/credits) – $39 – save $8.50
  • 100 referrals (+ 2000 visitors/credits) – $59 – save $36.00

Free replacement guaranteed for inactive referral(s).

Cheap Referrals – available for every member:

  • 20 referrals (+ 100 visitors/credits) – $5 – no saving
  • 50 referrals (+ 250 visitors/credits) – $10 – save $2.50
  • 100 referrals (+ 500 visitors/credits) – $20 – save $5.00

The purchased referrals are yours forever, so is the money they earn for you.

WordLinx sends the money to your PayPal or AlertPay account. The minimum amount of money that can be withdrawn from WordLinx is $10. This is a fixed amount, it doesn’t increase after first cash-out. Payments are made instantly.


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  1. PTCmoney says:

    Good post about WordLinx. I knew that WordLinx existed, but never signed up. I thought, it’s not worth, makes less money. But adding that WordLinx is a stable site, one can rely on it for long time.I start to build a downline for WordLinx.

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