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NeoBux – the most popular PTC site

NeoBux is the most popular PTC site, labeled by many as the best PTC site.
It was launched on 25 March 2008 in a pre-registration phase. The official opening was on 30 April 2008, and is paying ever since without delay.
The site is translated in several languages: German, French, Spanish, Greek, Finnish, Swedish. Click the US flag located up, right-hand corner and choose the language of your choice.

Signing Up
Once you arrived to the NeoBux page you need sign up: click the Register link, fill in the form, check the box beside the “I declare to have read, understood, and accepted the Terms of Service” and press the “continue” button. Now you receive an e-mail containing an Activation code. Copy that code from your e-amil and paste it on the NeoBux verification page. When it’s done your NeoBux account is ready, you can login.

Clicking the Ads
This is the part of the site where you actually make money.
Clicking the ads is simple. Look up for the “View Advertisements” link, click on that and the links available to click show up. Click on any of them, then click on the red button. The advertisement opens in a new tab and on the bottom of the page the timer starts. When the time is up “Advertisement validated” will show up. Now you can close the tab with the advertisement and click the next link.
In order to be able to use this site Adobe Flash Player must be installed on your computer. Don’t worry, in most cases it already is installed as it is an important plug-in and it is required by several apps. If it happens you don’t have it, you can get it here.

For each and every clicked ad you get 1 NeoPoint as a bonus of being active and clicking the ads. The NeoPoints can be converted:

  • 250 NeoPoints = $0.10
  • 500 NeoPoints = $0.25
  • 1,000 NeoPoints = $0.60
  • 2,500 NeoPoints = $1.75
  • 5,000 NeoPoints = $4.00
  • 10,000 NeoPoints = $9.00
  • 20,000 NeoPoints = $20.00
  • 40,000 NeoPoints = $44.00
  • 30,000 NeoPoints = 1 Year Golden Membership

NeoBux has a tiny but very useful tool to help members to click the ads. It is called AdAlert. AdAlert warns us whenever there are ads available to click, thus you can’t miss any ad, you can’t miss money. It sits on our browser’s toolbar, and it starts to blink and shows the number of available ads. It can be set to make a sound alarm, too, if you want. AdAlert can be downloaded from the NeoBux page. Scroll all the way down on any NeoBux page, at the bottom there are 5 green buttons, the last one is for the AdAlert. Simply press that button, and install the AdAlert just like any other extension for your browser.

For every clicked ad NeoBux will give you 3 extra ads (with only 5 seconds timer) to click, called AdPrize. The number of available AdPrize ads is shown in a box right under the clickable ads on the “View Advertisement” page. The AdPrize box turns green when there are available ads to click and a number inside the box shows how many are there. The AdPrize ads are there for 60 minutes, so you should click them after you received them. AdPrize is a great tool for every NeoBux member to make more money. The  prizes on AdPrize are:

NeoBux AdPrize $1 prize

  • 10 – 10,000 NeoPoints
  • $0,10 – $50 free money that goes directly in your account
  • 1 Year Golden Membership ($90 / Year)

NeoBux is considered as a significant advertisement inter-mediator on the Internet. With AdPrize every advertiser gets 2 – 16 times more exposure for the same price. The advertisers love this. So, if you have something to advertise, you should take NeoBux into consideration.

After signing up every user is a Standard member. This type of membership has no fee and has no expiration date, but provides the least earning possibilities. If you want to earn more you need to invest some money and buy a Golden Membership. This type of membership comes with many advantages (more ads to click, higher earnings from referrals, cheaper renting and renewing prices), and it costs $90/Year.
As a new user you have to meet the following requirements to be able to buy a Golden Membership:

  • Having clicked at least 50 advertisement clicks
  • You’ve signed up to NeoBux at least 15 days ago
  • You have rented at least 2 referral packages

There are many further Memberships available, here’s a screen shot about the Golden Packs.

The referrals help you to earn more money in less time. Conclusion: the more referrals you have the more money you make. This is particularly true in the case of Direct Referrals. Try to get as many of them as possible. No fee is charged for them and they are in your down-line forever. Actually, if one of them is inactive for 60 days he/she is removed from your down-line. Removing an inactive Direct Referral by the system is for free.
Do not refer anyone before you meet these requirements:

  • Having clicked at least 100 advertisement clicks
  • You’ve signed up to NeoBux at least 30 days ago

If you refer earlier those referrals won’t join your down-line, they will be lost forever.

You can find your promotion tools going to your NeoBux account and click on the “Banners” link. There are your referrer link and banners containing your referrer link. Display those on your website or blog or in any possible place, and if someone click on them and signs up, he/she will become your referral.

The Rented Referrals can be rented within the site, the higher your membership is the lower the renting and renewal prices become. Once you rented a pack (containing 3-100 referrals) you’ll have them for 30 days. You can extend their expiration date by 15-240 days or recycle them whenever you want. You can decide what to do based on a very detailed statistic chart about every referral activity. There is a feature called AutoPay, if activated it extends the expiration date by 1 day of the referral that makes a click. Thus the active Rented Refs are kept longer in your down-line. The one day extension costs money, as well, but it’s cheaper than the renting price.
The effectiveness of the Rented Referrals is controvertible. It might happen that they don’t bring the money back that was invested in renting them. But with a skilled rented referrals management and a little good luck they make profit for you.

Payments are issued instantly via PayPal, AlertPay or Neteller accounts. The first payout threshold is $2, that increases with every cash-out by $1, until it reaches $10. The PayPal account must be verified. In case you request your money to your PayPal account a fee of 2% is charged, over 50$ the fee is 1$.

Whatever you buy on the site you’ll get it instantly, and you can pay with your NeoBux Main Balance, PayPal (must be verified), AlertPay or Neteller.



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    Hi there, You’ve performed an incredible job. I’ll certainly digg it and individually suggest to my friends. I am sure they will be benefited from this website.

  2. plshelp says:

    I signed up for neobux and clicked many ads.but didn’t got any point o money anything on my account. Please help me. Why it happens? .my account shows 00 clicks all the time. I signed up the day before yesterday. ..I waited but nothing ..reset time don’t work.

    1. rifefox says:

      Be sure that you’re logged in properly in your Neobux account (your user name must be shown in the upper-right side). Click an ad, wait for the timer to go up, and there you are. Your click must be validated now and your money credited.

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