About IncraseBux

IncraseBux has been launched on 24 August 2008.
Upon the first access of the site your browser might identify IncraseBux site as a site that uses invalid security certificate, and come up with the message “Secure Connection Failed” – or something similar. Just add this site as an exception, there’s no reason to worry, IncraseBux is trustworthy.

Signing Up
Look for the “Register” link in the navigation bar. Submit the required data, in the “Referral:(optional)” box make sure there’s “Rife” (with no quotes), then press the “Register Account” button. Go to your e-mail account, find the e-mail that IncraseBux just sent you, and click the activation link found in it.

Clicking the Ads
In order to be credited for your clicks you must be logged in your account. In the Navigation Menu the second one is “Surf Ads”. Go there and you can start your money making session. Click the advertisement followed by a click on the red dot, and wait for the timer. When the time is up only a green strip appears saying “You have been credited for clicking the advertisement – Feel free to remain to explore the website. [Close]“. Now you can close the page and click the next ad.
You have to click the ads in order to get the earnings made by your referrals.

Is it highly recommended to upgrade your membership to “Verified”. It costs only $3.5 / Year and besides the higher click rates and referrals’ income your payouts are issued instantly.
Upgrading your membership costs money but it will provide a higher income and other benefits. Further types of memberships are available, check here.

Direct Referrals are always better than the Rented ones. You can get your promotional tools by clicking the “Banners” link found on the left-hand side of the page. But if you want you can rent referrals here. The renting price are high comparing to other sites, but as the Rental Balance is constantly filled up with money according to your and your referrals’ activity sooner or later there accumulates enough money to rent your first referrals.

Payments are processed via PayPal, AlertPay. For Standard members the payout time is 30 business days, for Upgraded members the money is sent instantly. The minimum cashout is $2 for 1st payment, 2nd payment $5, 3th payment $7, 4th and all others payments $10. A transaction fee is cahrged: 4% if you want your money to your PayPal account, or 10% if you want your money to your AlertPay account.
There is a payout rule on this site called the Cashout Rule, that is not too good for many users but there’s no doubt it makes the site stable. As a new member of IncraseBux every member can cashout a maximum of $5. For further cashouts investing money is needed. Here’s the rule:
Members can cashout 150% of investment + $5.

That means if you invested $10, you can cashout $20.
It’s not that bad as it might look at the first glance. All the money you invest, you spend to upgrade your membership, and rent referrals. That’s something that we usually do in most PTC sites. The difference is only that IncraseBux applies this rule: to get paid need to invest. On the other hand IncraseBux has proven its trustworthiness, thus it’s not such a pain to put some money in.


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